Welcome to my personal site to learn a bit more about me!

I was born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico, Spanish was my first language at home and English was my first language at school. In the ocean, I learned to sail, swim and snorkel. In the mountains, I learned to ride horses, garden and wield a machete to cut grass. At school, I did well, joined basketball, softball and cheerleading teams and wrote poetry.
Someplace along the way, I took piano and ballet lessons. My mom and dad taught me to dance – mostly salsa and merengue. I graduated from St. John’s High School in San Juan, Swarthmore College in Philadelphia and Columbia Law School in NYC – more on that later.
I moved to Los Angeles in 1982 and have made this my home, getting married, building a professional career and raising my son here.  Today I live in mid-city Los Angeles near Pico and Fairfax with my rescue pup, Lucy.